Lifestyle Financial Planning

Financial planning can be a minefield of confusing jargon and too much paperwork.

We keep things simple by focusing on you and what you want out of life when you retire. We then work backwards to help you achieve it, starting with your life aspirations and the important things you want to achieve.

Financial Coaching also forms part of the process we will go through which creates deeper meaningful conversations to make sure you unlock any barriers you have when leading into retirement.

Divorce Financial Planning

Finances throughout divorce can be often overlooked, leading you to ask yourself “how do you know what’s enough”?

We work with you and your solicitor or mediator to make sure the settlement you receive is fair and aligned to the life you want to lead, helping you with all the questions you may have so you can live a fulfilled life in the future.

The team have many years of experience in this field of work and choose to specialise in this area as it really does suit our style of work as lifestyle Financial planners with our focus of helping you through such a change in life.

All of our team; work to the code of practice set out via Resolution which is a community of family justice professionals who work with families and individuals to resolve issues in a constructive way.

Where we start:

A comprehensive assessment and plan.

Whether your finances are complex or simple, we always start with three essential services.

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A simple, friendly chat about your aspirations for later life and what will make you and your family happy.

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A deep dive into your current pension(s) and investment(s) portfolio to understand what you will need to retire.

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A clear plan of action that will allow you to retire when you’re ready and with the income to support the lifestyle you want.

The one-off fee for these services is dependent on the level of support you might need and ranges from £995 to £5,995.

What happens next:

Ongoing coaching, advice and reviews

After we have created your own lifestyle plan that will help you retire ready, we provide you with continual support on your journey. Again, the monthly fee for these services is designed to match the level of support you need.

Our charging structure for our ongoing service is tiered:

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Tier 1

Financial planning for clients with straightforward requirements, i.e. those getting their building blocks in place or winding down through retirement.

£195/month (£2,340/year)

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Tier 2

For clients more established on their financial journey, i.e. those with some level of investments but needing support to ensure that their financial planning is on track to meet their needs and objectives.

£295/month (£3,450/year)

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Tier 3

For investors with more complex financial planning needs, i.e. those with multiple and complex assets.

£495/month (£5,940/year)

Your tier will be determined based on a number of different considerations, including:

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Variety/complexity of holdings

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Number of clients (single client, couple, family etc.)

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Estimated resource required

We will agree together which tier suits you best before we start any work – you’ll always know where you stand.

You can choose to pay your fee directly or through your investments, either monthly or annually. We don’t tie you down – you can opt out of our service at any time.

We review our charges on an annual basis, and we guarantee not to change them within the year.

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